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Leader of the organization department inspects party building work
The leaders of the city and county organization department, accompanied by Director Luo and Director Liu of the Industrial Park Management Committee, conducted a comprehensive and meticulous inspection of the company's party building work. In terms of the better and more prominent parts of the party building work, it gave full encouragement and affirmation, gave face-to-face guidance to the insufficient parts, and gave systematic advice to the company's party building work in the future.
Party building instructors guide party building work
Mr. Ye, the inspector of the Party Building Instructor of our company, accompanied by Director Luo of the Park, gave on-the-spot guidance on the current party building work of our company. Seriously carry out investigations and studies, guide the company to do a good job in ideological and political work for employees, strengthen the ideological education of employees, and guide the organization of spiritual civilization. Put forward your own unique opinions on establishing and improving various rules and regulations.