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Type 95 picking powder surfacing

Type 95 picking powder surfacing

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Non-sparking cladding picks, in order to improve the service life of the picks and enhance the safety of underground mining, laser cladding technology is used to weld non-sparking tungsten carbide powder on the pick head, and the hardness of the cladding layer is ≥60HRC. The tooth head improves the wear resistance at the same time, controls the spark, effectively improves the safety of the mining site, and the non-spark cladding cutter is a general trend of development and promotion. The specific technical requirements are:
1. Appearance quality: The appearance of the tooth body is smooth and flat, without defects such as cracks, folds and dents visible to the naked eye, and the surface of the tooth body is protected against rust;
2. Surface hardness: after the tooth body is heat treated, the surface hardness of the tooth head surface is ≥40HRC, and the surface hardness of the tooth body is 38-42HRC.
3. Impact toughness: impact toughness after tooth heat treatment ≥49J/cm2
4. Shear strength of brazed joint: Shear strength of brazed joint of tooth body and hard alloy ≥180MPa
5, weld fullness: the solder fill level in the weld is not less than 80%;
6, the hardness of the cladding layer of the cladding layer ≥ 60HRC
7. Crack inspection: There shall be no cracks in the weld zone and the joint surface of the solder and the base metal, and the cemented carbide head shall not have cracks;
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