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Diamond composite PDC anchor bit

Diamond composite PDC anchor bit

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Diamond drill bit and diamond composite drill bit (PDC) are special superhard materials which are synthesized by diamond and hard alloy at one time under high temperature and high pressure. They have the advantages of high diamond strength, strong wear resistance and hard alloy. It has the characteristics of high impact strength, large blade and other characteristics. It uses its anchor drill bit, geological drill bit, engineering drill bit and deep hole drill bit to drill into medium and hard rock formations with high efficiency and long service life. It is drilled into medium hard rock and hard rock. Ideal drill bit.
Diamond composite PDC anchor bit and geological bit:
Diamond (PDC) composite anchor drill bit and geological drill bit, the types are: ordinary type, super strong type, natural type, human shape, table setting type, impregnated type, coring type, coreless type, reaming type, The blade type; specifications (mm) are: φ25, φ26, φ27, φ28, φ29, φ30, φ32, φ36, φ38, φ42, φ60, φ65, φ75, φ89, φ94, φ98, φ113, φ153.
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