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Dear friends, How are you!

Tracing back to the development process of “Australian Machinery”, the initial stage of entrepreneurship is full of hardships and difficulties. However, with a firm belief and advanced awareness, the Australians are determined to innovate and work together to maintain “high-tech, high-quality, high-level services. The development strategy of Yinchuang International Brand and the value orientation of customers as the driving force for the sustainable development of the company have made great achievements along the way. Anhui Aode Machinery has become

a comprehensive growth enterprise with sound mechanism, talented people,  market research, new product research and development, product design, production, quality inspection and technical services as well as perfect target responsibility. Anhui Aode Mining Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. already has a strong sense of responsibility, dedication, knowledge, and understanding of integrity is fundamental, hard work is the driving force Excellent team. The company has an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, a profit and tax of 150 million yuan, and 410 employees, including 20 middle and senior engineers and 46 technicians, which have won recognition and praise from the government and society. To this end, I sincerely thank all friends from all walks of life for giving us the support and love in the development of "Australian Machinery"! As the company's top leader, in the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, I would like to be more ambitious and to be " "Ao De Machinery" has created a splendid stage, fully exerting the love and wisdom of "Australian Machinery", continuously improving the core competitiveness of the company, and producing excellent quality products to present to our customers.

Dear friends, "Ao De Machinery" is willing to uphold the idea of "treating people with sincerity and trusting enterprises", making friends with the world, developing with the industry, developing together, achieving symbiosis and win-win, and contributing to the bright future of a harmonious society. the power of.

Chairman of the company: Li Baohua